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Chiropractic is recognized worldwide as the safest, most effective method of treatment of disc herniation and degenerative changes in the spine. 

Physical therapy

Our physical therapy department is equipped with modern, state of the art equipment. 

Laser therapy

Laser therapy has shown to have a wide ranging positive effect on the soft tissue of the human body through extensive research and experimentation. 


Magnetotherapy is a therapy which uses magnetic fields to restore the cellular bioelectrical and biochemical balance…

Ultrasound therapy

Continuous therapeutic ultrasound has been used to treat various musculoskeletal pathologies like osteoarthritis, soft tissue shoulder pathology, and myofascial pain for many years.


Electrotherapy involves the application of various electric currents for therapeutic purposes. Electrotherapy can alleviate many symptoms such as pain, swelling, inflammation efficiently…

T-CARE therapy

T care therapy or TECAR (Tranferencia Electica CApacitiva Resistiva) therapy is a modality that was developed in Spain and is a form of deep tissue thermotherapy. 

Shockwave therapy

The therapy of choice for “breaking up calcifications” is shock wave therapy. The device is similar to a smaller, very-low powered jackhammer. 


Kinesiotherapy refers to use of movement for the purpose of treatment or to alleviate the consequences of pathological conditions in a given dysfunctional area, such as shoulders and hips. 

Spinal decompression and traction

Intermittent mechanical traction as a therapeutic method represents the stretching of certain parts of the spinal column using mechanical force to achieve spinal decompression.

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