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Common somatic problems

Listed below are some of the problems that patients presents with to our clinic, so brief descriptions and treatment protocols are explained here which you will most likely experience with us.

Shoulder pain

When it comes to shoulder pain,  some pain and symptoms can be from a cervical spine dysfunction, not from the shoulder joint dysfunction. A comprehensive physical assessment is performed to…

Discus hernia

Between each vertebrae in our spinal column, there is a structure called a disc. These discs have two parts, tough outer layer called annulus fibrosus  and soft gel like part in the middle called nucleus purposus.


There are many different types of headaches and each type has different causes. One type of headaches is called cervicogenic headaches. 


Our body contains over 200 bones which acts as a “frame” that supports, protects and move the body.  The spine or the spinal column is a very special group of bones which houses our central nervous system.

Alordosis and Kyphosis

Loss of lordotic curvature or alordosis occurs at  cervical and lumbar spine. Loss of lordosis have an negative impact on its biomechanical functionality and it often results in condition such as spondylosis and osteophyte formations.

Hip pain

Main source of pain is caused by dysfunction of the hip, and prolonged dysfunction usually leads to a condition called coxarthrosis.  The most common cause of arthrosis is increased…

Lumbago – pain in the back

Most people in the world will experience back pain in one form or the other in their life time. There are many causes of back pain, but primarily, degenerative changes…


To date, it has not been possible to find the true cause of structural idiopathic scoliosis, but there are many factors that can indicate the possibility of a cause…


Spondylosis is a set of degenerative changes on the spinal column (on the bodies of the vertebrae and on the facet joints between the vertebrae).


Vertigo can have many causes and one of its cause can be from a consequence of changes in the condition and position of the cervical spine. 

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