Hip pain

Main source of pain is caused by dysfunction of the hip, and prolonged dysfunction usually leads to a condition called coxarthrosis.  The most common cause of arthrosis is increased or improper mechanical loading of the joint. Joint surfaces are covered in a tough membrane called cartilage and damage to surface of the cartilage will occur with sudden increased mechanical pressure or irregularly distributed pressure concentrated on a part of the joint surface.

The most important thing is to recognize coxarthrosis in its early stage of progression and to treat the symptoms and utilize preventive measures.

Treatment involves a series of measures and procedures with which we can reduce the patient’s symptoms, improve the function of the joint and eventually, improve the quality of life.

Physical therapy aims to reduce pain, joint stiffness, muscle spasm, as well as strengthening muscles and surrounding joint tissues to stabilize the joint. In addition to physical therapy procedures (laser therapy, laser puncture, magnetotherapy, interference currents), chiropractic adjustments can restore proper biomechanics of the pelvic girdle and neurological function of the hip and trunk muscles, thus ensuring a strong and balanced pelvic girdle and muscles which stabilizes the hip joint.


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